the nahs application

i am applying to the national art honor society. it saddens me to see just how many people picked up an application. to better understand why it makes me upset, you should first know why i am applying. [hippie: on] art is anything that is made to be beautiful. it is not always a lovely little pink coil pot, a vermeer portrait, a degas ballerina study. art is crude. art is whatever anyone wants it to be as long as they find it beautiful. this whole notion of "that red on canvas isnt art because i could have done that" bothers me. yes, you could have done it. but you didnt. the artist did what no one else did, even if it was obvious and easy, because to them it exemplified beauty. i want to be a member of the national art honor society so that i can share my knowledge and opinions of classic and contemporary art with the world i hopes of spreading what we art freaks like to call "art awareness." i want to help the world see the art in the everyday, the mundane details that are truly beautiful. [hippie: off] so what is making me so upset? people who do not care about any of this applying. why? it looks quite good when listed as an extracurricular. it shows commitment, even if the commitment is not there. the only thing worse than applying for namesake is those who apply because they "like art." i am thinking of one person in particular but i know that there are many. she takes ceramics and painting and does well in both classes because she does not take the true artistic approach. she does not do something that has never been done before because she thinks it is beautiful. she does what others have deemed as beautiful and makes facsimiles of the works. and yet she is applying. she will put together a lovely portfolio and have her mother write her a lovely essay on the artist's place in today's world. her mother will write it because this girl cannot say the artist's place because she does not know what it is to be an artist. she knows what it is to be a student in an art class.

i hope someone understands what i mean.


Blogger Roger Yang said...

The majority of the people in Randolph do the things they do just because it looks good. This is pretty evident in the classes people take. Those who cannot cut honors (as in a C grade), usually drop the class so their GPA doesn't seem so low. No one seems to do anything for the challange anymore. More or less, everybody wants a pretty college application.

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Blogger Vman said...

Wow. is this dana zweibel? and i don't think you're stalking me just cuz you read my blog, that's your god given duty. and dave poppy is better than scot arentowicz because he delivers classic quotes. "BULLSHIT", "Vaman are you on drugs?", "cut the smalarkey", "son a b. bitch"

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